Alliance LARP New Hampshire

New Hampshire's own Live Action Role Play Chapter

Alliance Videa

Alliance Videa is a campaign focused on exploration and discovery with horror elements. Players can expect to make difficult choices that will shape a world where many different cultures are interacting with each other in meaningful ways for the first time. How these cultures fare and what lost knowledge is reclaimed will be largely based on how the players interact with the world.Come and take your part in discovering and redefining the “Shattered Realms.”

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Alliance Cinderfel

Alliance Cinderfel is a campaign set amidst a group of islands. The majority of game play will take place on the Isle of Unmei. This campaign is focused on reconnecting with lost cultures, exploring a vast ecosystem, and investigating mysteries. With its creative design, humorous story lines, and crypic puzzles players of all levels will feel both included and challenged.

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