Alliance LARP New Hampshire

New Hampshire's own Live Action Role Play Chapter

Character Creation

Are you ready to make a character? Your character's class (such as Fighter or Scholar) and race (such as Elf or Dryad) are the mechanical side of character creation. Your character's history and personality have roots in the national and local source materials on their race/culture, but you have many choices for your character's past, goals, and guiding ideas. Generous or selfish, impulsive or calculating, with a family at home or going it alone -- these are only a few of the many aspects of your character you can develop.

The full rules for Alliance LARP are available as a free PDF.

Race packets are available to download. These documents describe the homeland and culture of each race within the world of the campaign.

Your character's stat card is handled by Logistics. Whether you are starting a completely new character in the database or making a character from a “blank” that has accumulated build (through NPCing, event or monthly blankets, and/or retiring an old character), Logistics will work with you to register your character's name, race, class, and build expenditures. you can contact logistics by emailing¬†