Alliance Cinderfel is focused on reconnecting with lost cultures, exploring a vast ecosystem, and investigating mysteries. With its creative design, humorous story lines, and crypic puzzles players of all levels will feel both included and challenged.


Campaign setting

Alliance Cinderfel is a campaign set amidst a group of islands. The biggest island, spanning 1900 miles, is called the Isle of Unmei (pronounced: Oon-Mee.) Unmei is in the center of the island chain and where the majority of game play will be located. The islands are constantly plagued by storms from the sea, which makes it treacherous to travel between them.The Northernmost part of Unmei is plains and a mountain range. The mountains are called the Wetiko Teeth. In the upper part of the mountain range is a dormant volcano named Mount Mithron and the Wetiko Teeth below it are treacherous territory. There are three main paths through the mountains that are fairly reliable. These mountains protect the very tip of the island which is a small brushland, that turns into white beach. The brush has been removed to allow for farming to feed the Kingdom of Cinderfel.The Kingdom of Cinderfel is one of very few bastians of civilization on the island. The city of Cinderel is built into the base of Mount Mithron. The city lies to the north, down the base of the volcano, reaching into the plains. They have a small harbor on the other side of the farming plains. The kingdom, with the help of the Oathsworn, created the Alliance Pact. An arrangement between all civilized race of the island. The laws of the Alliance Pact are widely enforced by the Kotar tribe to this day.South of the Wetiko Mountains are the Black Hollow Burrows. This is where the Hobling village of New Keleti is located. The center of New Keleti is not far from the primary pass. It is often visited as a last chance before the long arduous trip through the mountains. The foothills are much easier to travel and the land breaks into forest to the west. Plains range down the eastern side of the the island with random farms dotting the area. The forest is long and part of the pine forest is called the Caliway Forest. To the south is the Echosis Forest, a haunted magical forest on the island. To the east of the Caliway Forest is a brushland and plains called Tegan Meadows (northern and southern respectively), and this is where a multitude of humans gather to farm. Major trade routes pass through these meadows and trading is done in open markets at several cross roads. At the southern edge of Tegan Meadows, the terrain becomes very mountainous. These mountains are known as the Bloodgravel Mountains and are not as high as the Wetiko Mountains. Nestled amongst them is the Mount Finna Harta volcano.There is a small brushland peninsula that is cut off from the rest of the island by the Bloodgravel Mountains to the south and west.. This peninsula is called Oak Harbor. South of the Bloodgravel mountains are the Savario Hills which border the Killidery Grove. On the Eastern side of Savario Hills, is the Selunari Heart, and the Domari Plains. In the Domari plains there is an old ruin of a fortress, that the Selunari and Sylvan Elves have turned into a small open market, village named Butterby (pronounced Butter-Bee) this is the main supply point for all the Selunari wagons. The plains have a small jungle to their south called Gryfevale. Gryfevale comes to a point that is connected by a small land brindge to a tidal island. This island is called Halja. No one talks about Halja island without tossing salt over their shoulder, spitting after saying the name, or just avoiding mentioning the island by name.The Echosis Forest, on the western coast, is the homeland of the High Blood Biata. In the Echosis Forest twisted tree vegetation will glow with a faint blue light at night and there is always a constant blowing and howling throughout the forest. The other inhabitants of the island believe The Echosis Forest is truly a cursed and haunted land. It is guarded by some and avoided by many. Those who try to enter that are not Wilderkin or Biata without a homestone instantly fall ill and find themselves turning back.Black Heart Bay is the biggest harbor in the southern part of Unmei. The port houses many ships coming and going. The call for sailors is so great that most of the time ships need to pay mercenaries and other people of criminal backgrounds to press gang locals or travelers. This gives the Captain a temporary crew member and the enlistee can pay the Captain to be promoted to a regular crewmember. Some then choose to stay on with the crew after and others choose to leave at port.



Campaign Manager: Brady S.
Cinderfel Plot Team