Alliance Videa is a campaign focused on exploration and discovery with horror elements. Players can expect to make difficult choices that will shape a world where many different cultures are interacting with each other in meaningful ways for the first time. How these cultures fare and what lost knowledge is reclaimed will be largely based on how the players interact with the world. Come and take your part in discovering and redefining the “Shattered Realms.”

Campaign setting

Alliance Videa is a campaign set in a land sometimes referred to as the “Shattered Realms”. This land is heavily blanketed by the Mists that have isolated cultures from each other since time immemorial. The Mists not only separate the Shattered Realms from the other lands of Fortannis, but also the Realms from each other. Gameplay is primarily located in the Realm of Videa, one of several Realms that has survived and developed since the Mists divided the land at large. The Realm of Videa, comprised of the human Kingdom of Videa and neighboring cultures in the Outlands, is protected by a magical barrier that holds the Mists at bay and destroys anything that passes into Videa. However, on a regular and predictable basis, the barrier disappears. During this time the mortal denizens of Videa are forced to defend themselves from the horrors that attack from the Mists.The Mists hold more than simply monstrous threats, though. It also harbors the ruins of ancient civilizations, lost knowledge, and forgotten treasure. For those brave enough to travel through the Mists, lucky explorers may reach other Realms that have spent millennia in near seclusion. Thanks largely in part to a Videan group known as the Caligonauts, the Realms have started to connect with each other once more. With limited resources, various Realms have begun to form hesitant alliances with one another, sending representatives and diplomats through the Mists. Adventurers brave the dangers that wait for them outside the safety of the Realms. A new age of exploration has begun.



Campaign Manager: Ren W

Videa General Plot
Videa Personal Plot