All donations will be compensated with Goblin Stamps.

Please check the message boards for current needs!

Physical donations should be made in person, and may include: Props, weapons, costuming, prosthetics, make-up, food and drink. 

Monetary donations are used to help maintain the site, purchase necessities  needed to run the game and most importantly feed our very hungry NPC's. 

Monetary donations will be compensated on the scale below, please include your full name  listed in the CMA.

Up to $24: 3 GS per dollar
$25 to $48: 5 GS per dollar
$49 to $98: 8 GS per dollar
$99 to $148: 10 GS per dollar
$149 to $248: 12 GS per dollar
$249 or more: 15 GS per dollar