The Isle

“The Isle” campaign is an innovative project focusing on catering to low-level characters and new players. We are cultivating a welcoming community and low-pressure atmosphere to help new adventurers and fresh characters find their place and gain their confidence as they explore a new land. Our out-of-game community is committed to lifting every voice, cultivating growth, encouraging learning, and fostering a friendly experience… but that does not mean the world itself is free from mystery, peril, intrigue, dark secrets, and challenging choices! 

Campaign setting

Khar-Durai is a large island that appears in the northeast corner of the map, above mainland Cinderfel.  Charles Bennington III, a wealthy traveler, has just claimed purchase of The Isle and has set to work developing infrastructure and cultivating business in his new port town, Myerston. Surely the rumor of a bandit problem is an exaggeration, and no cause for concern. It has been said that The Isle itself is bountifully rich in resources, just waiting for the right sort of ambitious folk to embark on a journey of wealth and success! Bennington is well-prepared to lead adventurers to their fortunes!

Though… it has also been rumored that no one of any remarkable degree of strength can step foot upon the isle without becoming violently ill. And is it true that there is next to no native population on Khar-Durai? Prior to the last three years, absolutely no one was seen traveling to or from The Isle, for countless ages. Why is that? What sort of mysterious forces are at work?

World Information


Campaign Manager: Nick W
The Isle General Plot