Player Races of the Isle

“The Cosmic Tapestry is as mysterious to us as it is to anyone… We just embrace it and live among its Threads, in awe of what we are capable of observing and learning.”

During a strange eruption of Mount Shandorah one night, a biata scientist named Tobu Galerus stumbled into the adventurer’s battlefield. As his own instability lessened, he gradually revealed information about the various Threads of Reality, and how his people meditate and communicate among them. Since the success of reversing the threat of Entanglement, the Biata of Khar-Durai have stepped forward to commit to spreading awareness of (and safety for) the Cosmic Tapestry that we all live within.

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As the winds blow, the tide ebbs and flows, and the endless cycle of
nature revolves through time untold, we emerge, embrace, and evolve.
The only constant is change.”

The Elder Dryad known as Deeproot - the one who never slept - has
traveled to Myerston and accepted work under Bennington, organizing
the Earth Magic Scholars and Healer’s Guild. Through his ancient
wisdom, natural insights, and careful travels, the Dryads of
Khar-Durai and their lore are beginning to be discovered…

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The hearth and the forge, they are our comfort. We are as certain and
stable as the earth that bore us. We are the steadfast friend, and
the unfaltering foe. We are the children of the mountains, mines and

Actingas a tour guide, the local dwarf Gedin teamed up with the alchemist
Chelsea to show her around The Isle. Little did he know, they would
both be trapped in a cave-in, revealing the lost city of Nelinore!
When adventurers came to the rescue, Gedin was freed, and remained in
the Myerston area, as an ambassador for the Town of Hearthfires.
Through his work, the culture of the local dwarves is gradually

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The Ourosila ("Sky Elves" - common, dark, and stone)

“Aloft in the clouds, away from the strife of the surface, we Ourosila live in harmony. To keep peace is to survive.”

After various strange sightings of what appeared to be floating landmasses above Khar-Durai, the local Magistrate, Quintessa, came forward with a confession: Her people live in the sky, in a city called Sila, and they need urgent help. Despite thousands of years of secrecy and isolation, a mysterious attack on the city was causing it to sink, and the surface-dwelling adventurers needed to come to the rescue. Aided by the Aegi Captain Argus’ strategy, and the Kulvi pilot Thalia’s Zephi partners, adventurers were able to right the wrongs within the magic and save the city in the sky, thus garnering an earnest sense of trust and appreciation from Elder Oson, and by extension, all the Ourosila of Khar-Durai.

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The orcs generally keep to themselves, those who have interacted with them describe them as calm, collected and quizzical.

Wefeel it, and we heed it - The resonance, the pulse, the vibrations.
The earth here has special power, and we are in tune with it. As our
prophecies inform us and duty binds us - we are the Leyline

Ayoung Ritual Apprentice, Vi’Achi, made a dramatic entrance into
Myerston, seeking urgent aid when her Music Ritual was interrupted by
Sound Elementals and her tribe was massacred. With her help,
adventurers came to know more about the beliefs and powers of the
High Ogres of Khar-Durai, and were offered trials by the Keepers of
the Ultimate Instruments.

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The value of our name will be preserved by the legacy of our honor and
charity, from generation to generation. We are brave warriors, kind
healers, instructive scholars, generous craftsmen, and heroic rogues.
Our treasured deeds define the best of our heritage."

WhenMyerston was ruthlessly threatened by the hobling bandit, Ruby, and
her crew of pirate outcasts, rumors of her cruelty and rudeness
spread quickly across the Isle of Khar-Durai. The noble and
distinguished Hoblings of Khar-Durai began to reveal themselves in

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Thine size is not measured in weight or fortune. Tis by honor grown,
purpose pursued, and ardor fulfilled.”
~Vitur Telle, the Tale Spinner

A conspicuously huge (and remarkably dull-witted) bandit named Jager
was seen at the right hand of Ruby, sparking confusion and rumors
about giants. Where did he come from, who is he, are there more? The
Oathsworn of Khar-Durai heard tell of these rumors and began to step
forward with their own legends to offer…

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“Now is the time for song and dance, light your candle and join in the
revelry! The Shroud of Mist has returned. We will emerge from our
darkness, and it will soon be our time in the Sun once again.“

An ancient Sylvanborn known as Amyr, who has lived on The Isle of
Khar-Durai seemingly as long as time itself has existed, somehow
finds himself dabbling with The Celestial Guild work under Bennington
in the newly-developing town of Myerston. At his own pace, and with
his own mysterious air, the lore and history of his people is slowly

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Our ancestors sailed into eternity. We now remain, adrift and in awe,
beneath the brightest stars ever known.”

Chelsea Zigair, the traveling alchemist, sailed from Cinderfel into the port
of Bradford Bay, and noticed what appeared to be a floating city out
at sea! A small but bustling community, living among the waves. After
the adventurers helped her escape from the lost city of Nelinore, her
explorations continued, and she was drawn back to the Bay. There, she
met her people who are native to The Isle, and news of their ways
began to spread…

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"The value we offer to The Isle is outmatched only by our loyalty to our
Fire-Paw Pack."

- HyenaKin
When a Hyenakin named Ekka arrived at Myerston and began adventuring, it
became clear that The Isle of Khar-Durai is home to a variety of
feral survivalists known as Wylderkin, with lives and stories as
mysterious and diverse as the land itself.

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